Velammal Residential Sr.Sec School(CBSE) - Key Feature

The school has developed a strong reputation for being an inclusive school where every child, regardless of nationality, race, religion, language or learning ability, is valued and encouraged to achieve their fullest potential

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Educational Excellence


For thirty four years the trust, named after the mother of the founder, is serving as an umbrella to huge amount of institutions.

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We are delighted that you are considering VRS for your child's education and we look forward to working with you in a close partnership.

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Our School Academic Certificates

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Feel the care Grandma's Palace

Our care a step-a-head of what you care

If you had a grandmother in your life as a young child, you probably have vivid memories of grandma, her house, her witticism

"A Mothers Vision through his Son"

Velammal residential School is a unit of Velammal Educational Trust, in which we have 34 years of educational excellence.

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Our Teachers

The Future Belongs to us

Our teachers spend extraordinary amounts of time with our students to develop powerful bonds and magical "break-through" moments. Our Teachers are very kind peoples that ability is useful to easily relate with the children.

  • Teaching is the specialized application of knowledge
  • To provide unique service, the skills and attributes are designed
  • To meet the educational needs of the individual and of society
  • The choice of learning activities whereby the goals of education are realized in the school
  • It is the responsibility of Our School Teachers

School Strength


Students Strength






Class Rooms

In Search Of A Good And Quality Education - Velammal is the right choice.

Velammal Residential School is affiliated to CBSE, and which we have a good infrastructure of class rooms and the spacious playgrounds where students have a very good experience in gathering the knowledge and to develop their own skills. Our well experienced teachers will guide them in a right path.

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Message from our Principal


Welcome to Velammal Bodhi Residential Senior Secondary School, Ladanendal. VBRSS prides itself on being a caring community of learners that fosters pride in each student developing abilities while promoting social development. We use the responsive classroom approach to teach children to act responsibility, take responsibility, and treat each other with respect. Varieties of innovative approaches are used to build confident, competent students in our school. This naturally differentiates the learning for all students, to meet the individual needs of each child, and to challenge them to be their best. We focus on enhancing student’s ability to think critically and creatively, to be innovative problem solvers and proficient communicators. We can ensure that we will help our students develop skills and capacities that contribute to making them successful citizens, and more effective communicators and collaborators to become truly successful in the 21st century. Velammal Bodhi Residential School students also have a wealth of programmes that we believe will enrich their appreciation of the arts, music, physical well-being, Science and sports. The experienced team of teachers produce better results. Our results in the board exams proved the best in the District and this would continue in the coming years too, with the blessings of the God. .

Our School Toppers & Achievers

Students who scored highest marks in board exams and also achievers in extracurricular activities.

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Some of the words from our Students and their parents