Student Life

As a student at VRS you get to be a part of an extremely close-knit, residential community. The VRS campus has world class infrastructure and provides the students with an array of amenities, and at the same time they get to stay in touch with picture-perfect nature. Life at VRS is not restricted to just classrooms but also constitutes a myriad of activities like extracurricular pursuits, leadership roles, spirited athletics and artistic endeavours. The Various clubs act as the network-lifeline for the entire VRS commune

Extra Curricular

At The VRS School we offer high quality opportunities and activities outside the main curriculum. These activities are an important and exciting feature of student life and contribute enormously to our students’ social and academic development. We believe all our students should experience success in as many aspects of school life as possible and extra-curricular activities are one avenue to success. These extra-curricular activities on offer including arts and sporting provision, with opportunities to take part in workshops.”

Counselling and Guidance

HOPE - Students Counselling Centre:
"This provides a psychological support for the residential students and help them to overcome their emotional stress. Here individual counseling is given to create a positive mental health and to promote their overall personality. Health Care:
A Health Centre is made available for the students with a doctor and a nurse for first-aid treatment and emergency medical care. A vehicle is available for the clinic for transporting students to the hospital in cases of emergency.”

Activity Clubs

VRS is endowed with a lot of Clubs.

  • Attitude Clubs
      Debate club & Leadership Club
      Public Speaking Club
      Nature Club & SUPW

  • Academic Clubs
      English literary & Math Club
      Science Club & Quiz Club

  • Social Service Clubs
      JRC, Scout, Guide

  • Extra Activities
      Yoga, Musics,Guitar, Violin
      Karate, Silambam,Skating, Chess
      Dance ( Western & Classical)