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About VRS

A school of wisdom is more important than knowledge

Velammal Residential School has been dedicated to the vision of providing world-class education in Madurai. The school has developed a strong reputation for being an inclusive school where every child, regardless of nationality, race, religion, language or learning ability, is valued and encouraged to achieve their fullest potential. At VRS, we strive for the development of the whole person. Academic success is balanced by the school's emphasis on personal growth and development. Our students are prepared and encouraged to discover their individual interests and abilities. Our teachers are committed to develop well-equipped individuals who are confident, creative and can contribute positively to the international community.The VRS community is an extended family of teachers, students, parents and alumni. Our students learn about universal human values that instill in them a compassionate view of the world, as well as preparing them for life in the global community. Our Vision resonates strongly throughout the extended school community. We take a leadership position in developing young minds and bridging communities within India and the world. To find out more about the exciting life and opportunities at VRS, we invite you to explore our website, Visit our Campus, meet our Principal and see what makes VRS a successful school.

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