Velammal aims to provide perfect education to each student by identifying his/her personality to serve the nation better in all disciplines Velammal motivates the young Velammalians to be fit in health, good at conduct, excellent in communication, smart in action and kind to human beings.


The Velammal Residential School follows CBSE Board syllabus meticulously, from classes III to XII (Hostel Attached),from KG to XII (Dayschool). Apart from the syllabus given by the Board, the subjects viz., value education, CS, health education, EVS and GK are also included. Our experts in various disciplines decide the areas to be emphasized for a holistic learning to help the child excel physically, mentally.

Glimpses of our curriculum

Primary (III, IV & V) - English, Tamil, Hindi, Maths, General science, Social studies, Functional grammar, CS, GK, dance, craft and music, value education, soft & life skill.
Middle School (VI, VIII) - English, Tamil, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Science, Formal and Functional grammar, CS, GK, Physical Education, Karate, Silambam, Yoga, Chess & Skating, Drawing, Dance ( Western & Classical) Craft and Music (Instruments & Vocal), value education painting, soft skill and life skill.

Secret of Success

Our teachers are well qualified professionals They are very organized and have lessons designed and planned ahead of their classes along with the teaching aids, Both audiovisuals and visual simple resources are utilized to cater to the needs of all kinds of learners. Special coaching is provided for the bloomers so that they are almost at par with all the other learners too.

Skill development

VRS has decided to 'Catch them young'. This unique programme starts with the 'self' and helps the student realize his/her potential and then equip them with well planned blend of soft skills that will certainly give them an edge over others their age.
Some of the topics covered are:
1.Time management
2.Cooperation and teamwork
3.Values and ethics
4.Study skills


Rightly being dubbed little university the school has its own 'Controller of examinations' who ensure that examinations and tests are conducted as per the schedule. Proper organization of the question papers for the various branch schools under the Velammal banner is efficiently carried out and makes sure that every student receives an error free question paper.