The Trust

Velammal Educational Trust

VRS is a unit of Velammal Educational Trust.

For thirty five years the trust, named after the mother of the founder, is serving as an umbrella to several schools, three Engineering colleges and one Medical College Hospital & Research Center that today educate nearly 1,80,000 students from 'K.G to P.G'. All the institutions (schools and colleges) currently offer state-level benchmarks in the all-round development of children and young students.
Sri. M.V. Muthuramalingam chose to serve the society by providing education and established Velammal Educational Trust. He believed that knowledge is the core strength of the society. Velammal Institutions follows this philosophy and is serving the society in its own humble way and Endeavour's to be ' a perfect educator'.

Smt. Velammal

You take care of the society and the society will reciprocate. You are not in isolation nor is your family. It is all a part of the society and the growth is interdependent.

Shri. M. V. Muthuramalingam

Chairman, Velammal educational turst

Inspiration is like a spark. It can light the whole city. One frail lady with strong conviction has motivated thousands of others to have good education and be proud citizens.

Shri. M. V. M. Velmurugan

CEO, Velammal educational turst

Shri. M. V. M. Velmohan

CORRESPONDENT, Velammal educational turst

Shri. M. V. M. Sasikumar

DIRECTOR, Velammal educational turst